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Game 2, Move 37—AlphaGo is playing black

The Korean expert commentators are taken aback—the move is "totally unthinkable”

The American Go master commentator is also confused, and wonders if AlphaGo has made an error 

The Google team of engineers who programmed and trained AlphaGo are also puzzled

Contemplating Move 37, world champion Lee Sedol is visibly stressed and confused

Lee Sedol normally takes about a minute to make a move, but needs twelve minutes to respond to Move 37

Go master Fan Hui, an AlphaGo consultant, was also confused by Move 37, but soon realized its beauty and significance

Lee Sedol discussing how he was left "speechless" by AlphaGo's performance in Game 2

Images from Greg Kohs, AlphaGo, 2017, video, Moxie Pictures

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