Roomba j7
The Roomba j7 vacuum is described as having Home Intelligence—essentially an adaptive artificial intelligence that allows it to map the architecture of your home and to recognize and negotiate any obstacles it encounters. It bears an uncanny resemblance to its machine-animal predecessors and, like Grey Walter’s “tortoises,” it will seek out its recharging station when its battery runs low. 

Computer-controlled by onboard software, the Roomba j7’s acoustic sensors calculate the volume of dirt and adjust its cleaning method accordingly. The capacity to independently learn through repetition and error is critical to this robot’s success.

Roomba and similar autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners have attracted a large community of hackers who modify the vacuums’ components to produce alternative behaviours, or add equipment to extend their capacity. Drawing machines, remote cameras, delivery bots, pet minders—the opportunities are seemingly endless.

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