Synthetic Apiary
In 2016, Neri Oxman and the Mediated Matter Group designed an artificial apiary that created a constant spring-like environment for bees. Oxman’s concern was a topic of much discussion at that time—the massive decline in bees worldwide due to various factors affecting their health such as agricultural chemicals, disease and habitat loss.

To contribute to this global dialogue, Oxman developed a controlled space in which seasonal honeybees could thrive year-round. This was to be a platform for biological studies of “behavioural dynamics across scales—from the organism scale to the building scale—including bee health, comb-construction behaviours and bee-human interactions.”

As part of this research into comb-construction and bee-human interactions, Oxman explored the possibility of co-fabrication and produced an in-depth analysis of the internal architecture and morphology of the bee comb. This was the starting point for research toward the project Synthetic Apiary II that is manifest in Oxman’s Bee Cubes.

Text To Speech

Neri Oxman and The Mediated Matter Group, Synthetic Apiary (excerpts), 2016, video, Courtesy of Neri Oxman and the Mediated Matter Group

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