Aibo and Spot
Aibo and Spot are part of a centuries-old tradition of designing machine animals that hold the dual purpose of introducing new technologies and delighting imaginations.

Boston Dynamics’ Spot is a mobile robot with extraordinary capacity. Unlike its predecessors, it uses onboard artificial intelligence to guide its movement and responses. Employing neural networks built on deep learning models, Spot can analyze objects and environments, and learn from its accumulated data and experiences. Its incredible physical agility is hilariously demonstrated in Boston Dynamics’ widely shared video marketing campaigns.

Aibo is designed as a human companion. Its lifelike movements and interactions are intended to engage its human owners and to learn from those interactions. A massive array of sensors all over its body feed data to its facial and voice recognition software, and deep learning algorithms train Aibo to respond uniquely to the various individuals that might occupy a household. 

Text To Speech

Boston Dynamics, Spot Enterprise, 2020, 5 cameras, radar, lidar, image sensors

Sony Aibo ERS-1000, 2020, 64bit Quad-Core CPU, organic light-emitting diodes, speaker, microphones, cameras, ranging sensors, pressure sensitive sensors, capacitive type touch sensors, 6 axis detection system, motion sensor, light sensor, Photo: Sony Group Corporation