Pentagram is a leader in algorithmic design, which allows for modelling of complex geometries that would be impossible to produce by hand. Following in the tradition of Muriel Cooper’s dynamic forms and on-the-fly scaling, Pentagram’s designs are driven by complex algorithms that respond to their physical and conceptual contexts.

Cytora is a London-based company that uses AI to learn and evaluate risk patterns for the insurance industry, making assessments in real time at a granular level by relying on a continuous flow of data. In developing a brand identity for the company, Pentagram drew on the dynamic flow of information that drives Cytora’s “Risk Engine.” The defining motif is a system of constantly moving and shifting coloured blocks, which alludes to risk fluctuations and the intersecting data that form the “Risk Engine’s” assessment.

Covariant is a Berkeley-based AI robotics company that uses computer vision and neural networks to allow robots to adapt, learn and work in diverse environments. Pentagram’s brand identity references the “Covariant Brain,” AI software that gives robots the capacity to flow from one environment to another and adapt dynamically based on the context.

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Pentagram, Brand Identity for Cytora, 2018, video documentation, Courtesy Pentagram

Pentagram, Brand Identity for Covariant, 2020, video documentation, Courtesy Pentagram