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Pentagram is a renowned international design firm that was founded in London in 1972 within a community of interdisciplinary producers. Among its former partners was Lisa Strausfeld, who was a student at the Visual Language Workshop (VLW) when Information Landscapes (1994) was produced. Strausfeld’s contribution to the video was the design of the “Financial Viewpoints” project, which offered a 3D visualization of Morningstar’s mutual fund data.

Muriel Cooper’s influential thinking is widely acknowledged at Pentagram. In 2017—to honour the fiftieth anniversary of Cooper joining the MIT Press—Pentagram created a motion graphic salute to her foresight and immense influence on contemporary graphic design.

The MIT Press colophon or logotype designed by Cooper is an archetype for modern logo typography. Designed thirty years before Information Landscapes, it bridges the gap between Bauhaus modernism and the VLW’s “computationally expressive” graphics.

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Muriel Cooper, Artwork for the MIT Press Colophon, 1963–64
Muriel R. Cooper Collection, Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Pentagram, Muriel, 2017, video, Courtesy Pentagram