The design group at *airegan produces a complex working model that might best be described as having some similarity to the latent space of a neural network—which is to say, a multidimensional space that we cannot interpret directly, but which encodes a meaningful internal representation of externally observed events.

Evoking Marcel Duchamp, the artists and designers at *airegan see the sneaker as a readymade: “…the meticulous assembly of bootlegs, one of a kind sneakers and mass market brands—including couture and hype brands. The series further references qualities of readymade sneakers, and their form factors reflect in the final works by reapproaching, redefining and reappropriating the readymade.

Using the tools of generative adversarial networks (GANs), *airegan offers the unlikely possibility of a new kind of readymade, as well as an unexpected reconfiguration of the terms of creativity in the age of artificial intelligence.

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*airegan, ag-van-loop-v001, 2022, video, Courtesy of AireGAN LLC

*airegan, [*AG-002].002, 2021, Courtesy of AireGAN LLC