The Zombie Formalist


The Zombie Formalist is the first product of its kind.  

The Zombie Formalist is a self-contained generative lightbox that uses an embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) system to learn your aesthetic preferences. It has a limitless capacity to create new geometric abstract compositions tailored specifically for you. 

The Zombie Formalist will show you more of what you want to see. It pays attention to artworks that pique your interest, and then creates new compositions with similar characteristics. The Zombie Formalist is an artist itself: based on your input, it creates unique works in real time just for you. 

The Zombie Formalist can upload artworks to Twitter where the engagement of your followers will further determine its aesthetic decision making—producing compositions that your friends will appreciate. 

By clicking here, you can join over 1000 fans who engage with the Zombie Formalist on Twitter. Follow the Zombie Formalist and your likes and retweets will teach the AI system what is aesthetically pleasing to you while improving its future compositions!

In conjunction with The Imitation Game: Visual Culture in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, the Zombie Formalist has created a series of exclusive, limited edition products for sale. These items are based on the Gallery Store’s bestselling merchandise and feature digital compositions that rated highly on Twitter. 

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