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Sougwen Chung is a Chinese-Canadian artist and researcher currently based in London, England. Over the past decade, she has engaged in research that links humans and machines in an intricate and compelling collaboration. More recently she has extended that collaboration to include a broader range of ecologies—seeking to produce new modes of creativity that blur the conventional boundaries between human and non-human knowledge.

Her installation for this exhibition offers a selected introduction to some of the key bodies of work she has produced in the last five years. With an extensive background in computational science and art, Chung utilizes machine learning, computer vision, neural networks and advanced robotics in a speculative practice that finds meaning in flow, change, entanglement and indeterminacy.

Performance is a critical element of Chung’s practice—where human and machine meet in their most intimate and inextricable engagement. In a recent text Chung called for a recognition of “machine intelligence, flux and unknown destinations. Machine co-creation—not a replication or automation of human endeavour but a mechanism (mysticism) developed toward the transformation of the human subject. A form of mysticism.”

Text To Speech

Installation view of Sougwen Chung’s works in The Imitation Game: Visual Culture in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery, March 5 to October 23, 2022, Photo: Ian Lefebvre, Vancouver Art Gallery