Sketches 2018 to 2021
The videos on this wall display a small selection of the many video sketches and experiments that Scott Eaton has undertaken since he began using neural networks in his artistic practice in 2017. 

Text To Speech

Sketched Bodies
These videos offer a glimpse into the collaborative exchange between Scott Eaton and the neural networks he has trained. We can see in each sequence the sketched input that is fed into the neural network alongside the corresponding output. In each case, the artist has modified and edited the output image so the network is constantly adapting to the artist’s input just as the artist is responding to its output.

The foundation of Scott Eaton’s studio practice is the careful study of the human form in motion, and some of his most mesmerizing experiments with neural networks are the result of feeding video of dancers in motion into the neural networks he has designed and trained. The videos in this selection were all produced by a neural network trained on basic geometric forms, so the result is that the fluid and organic motion of the dancers is abstracted into basic geometric components.

︎3D Network & Sketch 3D
The neural network that produced these animations was trained on basic geometric forms made out of solid materials. As a result, the network tries to interpret whatever is fed into it as some combination of solid geometric forms.

These videos were produced by making high-speed videos of fluids in motion and running those sequences through the neural networks.